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Riviera University Asia Campus

Is at the forefront of open online learning. As the world of higher education comes to terms with new technologies we are seeing the initial experiments with MOOCs struggle to demonstrate completion rates.

Interactive blended learning emerges as the most effective model. In response to all the rising challenges and to enhance student experience, we are continuously working and investing in new technologies.

Get Enrolled In Programmes Offered By Top Universities In The Europe

Riviera University offers various programmes that are specially designed while keeping in view the fast paced and demanding schedule of our students in partnership with some of the most prestigious Universities from Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Studying Online

Modern technology enables working students to study flexibly at their own pace thus following the concept of  Just Time and Just in Place . If you can watch premiership football or BBC News on your phone or computer you have all the technology you need. Riviera University materials, lectures and classes can be accessed on internet enabled mobile devices phones, iPads, tablets and all main computer systems from anywhere in the world.

The courses and classes are available both live and then on demand. You can work through the material at your own pace or at your work place and home life according to your convenience. You can study anywhere anytime with internet access. You will join the new wave of students who study and learn from one another as well as from tutors. You will have the new experience of combining study with the ideal work related experiences that you will encounter.

Modern Education And Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in modern higher education is both an accountability-oriented ideology and a technological method. It has also evolved into an increasingly rationalist and professionalized power mechanism. Its advocacy of compliance, technological mythology, and imbalance between power and responsibility are inherent disadvantages of higher education quality assurance at present.

To sustainably improve higher education quality, the current concern must shift away from quality assurance to quality culture. We should reflect on and innovate the traditional quality assurance in higher education. At the same time, it is necessary to build a holistic quality culture among various stakeholders based on mutual trust and a social contract.

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