About Us

About the University

Riviera University Valbonne are the sole founders of the University. It has a legal ownership status since 2019. The university has many online and support centres across the world that enhances education in the modern world.

Our Vision

To cultivate a university that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and academic excellence. I want you to feel welcome and safe when you enter our learning and living space  a place where you can realise your social and academic dreams. We offer you an experience that provides a balanced foundation for whatever the future demands, ranging from academics, to sport, art, cultural activities, and a range of student associations to choose from.

Our Mission

To create a transformative educational experience for students focused on deep disciplinary knowledge; problem solving; leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills; and personal health and well-being.

To impact society in a transformative way  regionally, nationally, and globally  by engaging with partners outside the traditional borders of the university campus.

Our Values

Dedication, reflected in our distinctive work ethic and in our commitment to excellence

Impact, reflected in our commitment to address critical issues facing society regionally, nationally and globally

Collaboration, reflected in our interdisciplinary approach, our focus on internal and external partnerships and our capacity to create new fields of inquiry

Creativity, reflected in our openness to new ideas and forms of expression, intellectual curiosity, willingness to take risks and entrepreneurial spirit

Empathy and compassion, reflected in our focus on improving the human condition and on the personal development of the members of our community